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Come and experience La Médina d’Agadir

La Médina d’Agadir invites you on a journey through Moroccan traditions and crafts.

Stroll through its charming narrow streets, meet local craftsmen or enjoy a lunch break with traditional Moroccan dishes prepared with care.

La Médina d’Agadir is much more than a simple visit, it plunges you into the heart of Moroccan culture, taking you on a journey back in time through an exciting cultural past, offering a welcome escape from the hectic pace of the modern world.


From Berber carpets and silver jewellery to colourful pottery and leatherwork, the stalls in La Médina d’Agadir are brimming with handicrafts, inviting you to discover them.

Following the example of the old Moroccan medinas, Coco Polizzi wanted to create craft shops that brought life to the heart of La Médina d’Agadir.

Today, the medina is home to numerous stalls, often in the form of workshop-shops, allowing visitors to discover the process of shaping local products that represent the rich and authentic history of the kingdom, with specific Amazigh features.

The stalls/workshops, organised by trade, can be discovered by exploring the winding streets of the medina, evoking life in the ancient Amazigh towns, with the diversity of their products, ranging from the transformation of leather into bags, sandals or babouches, stones into decorative motifs, gold and silver into jewellery, pottery into refined products, or carefully selected fabrics into traditional garments.

The workshop-shops are also a place for sharing and interaction between master craftsmen and their apprentices, as well as with visitors.

Coco Polizzi workshops

Coco Polizzi’s fascination with Moroccan culture, and the Souss in particular, led him to train and set up his own workshops for specialist craftsmen: traditional masonry, mosaics, ironwork, traditional carpentry and many others, to help build and decorate the medina, while drawing inspiration from ancestral methods as part of the preservation of local identity.

These workshops, dedicated to the construction of the medina, were also training centres for young apprentice craftsmen. This transmission of craft know-how is intended to guarantee the continuity of these professions, which are at the heart of the region’s cultural identity.

These workshops were not limited to learning technical skills, but also included respect for history and customs, and raising awareness of the importance of preserving the authenticity and originality of local crafts.

In this way, the craft workshops are much more than just places to learn: they are the guardians of the past and the artisans of the future, ensuring that the Medina remains a vibrant and living cultural hub for generations to come.

Children’s play area

Located next to the outdoor restaurant, this play area allows children to immerse themselves in the natural world around them. Whether it’s through games, explorations or moments of laughter and camaraderie, the little ones will have the opportunity to blossom in complete safety, while parents can relax in comfort, keeping an eye on their little adventurers.

 the garden

La Médina d’Agadir offers you a haven of greenery with a picnic area laid out with tables and benches, ready to welcome you for a moment of relaxation in the open air. As you stroll between the trees, you’ll have the unique opportunity to contemplate a splendid colony of peacocks, adding an exotic touch to this peaceful spot.

A magical place and a real attraction for lovers of flora.